LinkedIn Account Restricted or Locked

Yesterday morning when I logged-in to my LinkedIn account, I was surprised to see the following screen.

Prior to this, all I did in LinkedIn was to publish a new article titled “How Microsoft Contributed to the Rapid Growth of China’s Silicon Valley in High Tech Clusters” in LinkedIn Pulse. And, shared this article to a a WhatsApp group of 250 members.

As far as I could recall, the article should not have violated any aspect of LinkedIn’s user agreement.

I followed the link referred by the error page to submit an appeal. 24 hours have passed, but I have yet to receive any further update from LinkedIn.

It has been many years that I neglected this domain –, that I once used primarily to present my online identity. After awhile, I thought I should just let LinkedIn do what it does best. So, I started to use my LinkedIn public profile direct link as much as I could, and earlier this year, I decided to publish my articles on LinkedIn Pulse instead of … my own site.

This incident has prompted me to revive the usage of this domain/site which I have better control at. Now, I am wondering how long it will take for LinkedIn Customer Support to resolve my issue.

— Updated 29th Mar —

LinkedIn Customer Supported has replied to my appeal request, about 30 hours after I submitted the ticket. Not too bad. Following is a snippet of the message:

“LinkedIn is built on relationships with people you know and trust. That’s why it’s important that if you’re uploading your contacts, only include contacts for people you know or trust.

If you attempted to upload a photo, please note that our User Agreement requires that the image be a headshot photo or an image of your likeness. For any other media uploads, make sure that you have the intellectual property rights to share the content.”

The customer support couldn’t disclose which exact aspect did I violate the rules. But I am guessing, it could very likely be the portrait photos I have included as part of this article. I have decided to withdraw this post from LinkedIn Pulse, and move it here instead.

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