Made in Malaysia, Made for the World

Where ever I travel to, when someone asks “Are you Chinese?”, my answer is “No, I am Malaysian“. Recently, when I communicated in Mandarin with a Chinese Airbnb host in Melbourne, she asked if I spent most years in China. I said “No, I grew up and groomed in Malaysia“. Despite Malaysia being named and mentioned in international medias in recent years for many unfavourable reasons, there are moments to be a proud Malaysian.

Last week, when I visited a prospect – an international electronic musical instrument brand, the IT Manager was surprised to learn that Joget Workflow, a US-based open source workflow software with international client base, is designed and crafted by all-Malaysians.

Now, let me share with you another great Malaysia-based company that designs and manufactures public seatings for the world!

Do you know that… the seating in Maracanã Stadium (Rio Olympics 2016), Emirates Stadium of Arsenal FC, Millennium Suite of Chelsea FC, the new Main Stand of Liverpool FC, VOX Cinemas BurJuman in Dubai, and many more … are all designed and manufactured by a spectator seating manufacturing company based in Shah Alam? Ferco Seating is a client of Innov8tif since our inception, for the process automation service. The photos shown in this page are captured from Ferco’s new showroom, yesterday. Continue reading “Made in Malaysia, Made for the World”