2017 Could be Klang Valley’s Wettest in Recent Years

2016 was Earth’s hottest year on record. As far as anyone in Klang Valley could remember, 2016 was a hot and hazy year.  In fact, last year’s March, we were just 0.1°C short of the highest temperature ever recorded in Malaysia. Water rationing woe was also a hot topic, as the dams reported unusually low water level.

This year, in contrast, anyone who has spent enough time in Klang Valley would definitely agree that we are experiencing unusually high rainfall, even during months that were supposedly drier.

But, is 2017 a factually wetter year so far? I dug up some historical weather data of KUL (airport code for KL International Airport) from Weather Underground, to compare the rainfall trend of 1st Jan-30th Apr, for year 2014 to 2017. The rainy day Some data and charts are summarised into a few slides.

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